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At this time I am not accepting any new clients on an hourly basis. If you are interested in taking the principles of the book and mini-course to the next level, the Turning Inflation Into Wealth Workshops provide a convenient and cost effective means of doing so. Information about the public workshops is provided at the end of the main section of the free mini-course, or you may write to request a brochure.

Private workshops are also available.  

For business clients, consulting services are available on a daily basis.  Please write if you would like more information.

This website, including the pamphlets, books and recordings, contains the ideas and opinions of the author.  It is a conceptual exploration of general economic principles, and how people may or may not interact in the future.  As with any discussion of the future, there cannot be any absolute certainty.  What this website does not contain is specific investment, legal or any other form of professional advice.  If specific advice is needed, it should be sought from an appropriate professional.  Any liability, responsibility or warranty for the results of the application of principles contained in the website, pamphlets, recordings, books and other products, either directly or indirectly, are expressly disclaimed by the author.