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Turning Inflation Into Wealth Free Mini Course

Reading 1:  How individuals can use inflation to directly take net worth from corporations & other individuals. Reading 2:  How the government can use inflation to convert after-tax assets into pre-tax income, & then take your assets. Reading 3:  How to use the tax code to turn a 10% rate of inflation into the net worth benefits of a 27% investment.
Reading 7: A little studied lesson from the 1970s on how to turn $40,000 into $300,000 during a time of stagflation. Reading 9:  How to use the tax code's inflation blindness to triple the potency of an inflation hedge strategy. Reading 12:  How to turn inflation and the upcoming Social Security & Medicare crisis into a potential 44% annual return.

 Turning Inflation Into Wealth
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What Is Included In The Free Course?

Author Info & Course Rationale

Sample Reading

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"Inflation is not a reduction in real wealth for a nation – but a redistribution of the rights to that wealth among its citizens.   Those who lose wealth often pay taxes for the privilege, while the wealth gains can be tax-free."

If you don’t fully understand the implications of the statements above:

Then it is your savings that will likely be getting redistributed;

You are likely exposed to the one-two combination of lost real wealth and increased taxes; and

You can benefit greatly from a free e-mail Mini-Course on “How To Turn Inflation Into Wealth”.  (sign-up here)

Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons to fear a return of substantial inflation in the United States, ranging from a nation that can’t pay for the retirement promises made to Baby Boomers, to a nation that can’t pay for the goods it buys every day from other nations, to a nation that is currently creating vast sums of money out of thin air (otherwise known as “liquidity”) in order to try to limit the damage from the subprime mortgage debacle.

The free Mini-Course is essential reading for anyone who is concerned about inflation dangers, but there are some people who need this knowledge more than others. 

The people most at risk from inflation are savers, investors & retirees.

If you are planning on living off of investment earnings during a current or upcoming retirement, particularly during the time the Baby Boom is retiring – you have the highest level of inflation risk of any segment of the population, and should consider the inflation mini-course to be essential financial survival reading.

“I am avidly studying this fascinating course"

Bob H 

"I have found your websites, articles and reports very enlightening. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. The inflation Report is a real wake up call."

David B

“breaks the mold on traditional thinking and I believe can help a tremendous amount of Boomers"

Greg J

What Will I Learn From This Mini-Course?

The course takes some of the most important materials from several hundred pages of articles, reports and books, and presents them in a focused, logical sequence of bite-sized chunks – an average of around ten to fifteen minutes per reading.  You receive a brief e-mail every one to four days, each with a link to the actual reading for that day.  Each reading builds on the knowledge and information contained in previous readings, and the goal is that by the time you finish the course – your perspective on inflation will be transformed.  You will not only more clearly see the dangers, you will also understand opportunities you never saw before.

You will learn how to Turn Inflation Into Wealth on a long-term & tax-advantaged basis.


You will learn how to prosper with a plunging dollar, even as the purchasing power of the portfolios of many millions of other savers are destroyed.

About half the readings particulary focus on mortgages because there are substantial mortgage advantages for ordinary homeowners as well as commercial property investors when it comes to creating low-cost and tax-advantaged inflation hedges.  However, the principles involved can be applied on a portfolio management basis with many other kinds of assets, and also apply to investors in other nations than the United States (albeit with often differing tax treatments).

“I like reading your PDFs, they are true eye-openers.”

        Herbert R

“one of the most enjoyable articles I've read for quite some time... your angle was very fresh and interesting"

                            Gary S

"I have just finished reading your series from 1-12.    Your information is blowing my mind.  Thank you for making this available to me!"


Some of the subjects covered in the Mini-Course include:

Inflation Pickpocket -- learn how individuals can use inflation to take wealth quite directly from other individuals and corporations – and the implications for you (this is the subject of the sample reading).

The precise details of how the average American in an average home with an average mortgage saw their home equity increase from 25% of their mortgage in 1972, to 500% in 1982 – as a direct result of the dollar losing 57% of its value – and the implications for your own financial strategy.

We will learn how to Reverse the Inflation Tax.  The usual problem is that the government does not recognize the existence of inflation for tax purposes, which means we have to pay real taxes on illusory income.  When we learn to flip the government’s inflation blindness to our advantage, we can turn problems into opportunities and (quite legally) pay illusory taxes on real increases in net worth.  A sample chart from this reading is on the right. (exclusive).

Detailed, step by step examples that show you how changing your investment viewpoint from nominal to real (inflation-adjusted) dollars can open up new investment horizons, and change your inflation status from financial victim to victor (exclusive).

What happens when we incur interest expenses that are negative in real terms, while still (quite legally) maintaining our full tax deduction, so we are effectively being paid to borrow by both the lender and the government.  We examine how this opportunity produced historical after-tax and after-inflation benefits equivalent to a conventional investment earning 21% per year (exclusive)

How individuals can combine tangible assets with long term, tax-advantaged shorts on the financial system, to unleash a potent one-two combination for building net worth in inflationary times.

(Note:  all the materials are exclusive to the author, where the word exclusive appears in the text above, it means that particular reading is only available only through the mini course, and is not found in any other book or article.)

“Your series has been brilliant! It has really opened my eyes.  You really brought home how powerful inflation and taxation were together. Wow! We are Australian, but much the same forces operate here.”

David E

“Thank you for publishing your mini-course.  It is extremely enlightening. I appreciate your generosity in sharing the information in your readings” 

  Brad C

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Author Information & Course Rationale

Daniel R. Amerman is a Chartered Financial Analyst with MBA and BSBA degrees in finance.  He is a financial author and consultant with over 20 years of professional experience.   Years of studying the costs of paying for over $100 trillion of US government retirement promises, as well as the costs of cashing out an expected $44 trillion of Boomer pensions and retirement accounts, have convinced him that too many promises and too much paper wealth chasing too few real resources will likely lead to substantial inflation in the years ahead, with potentially devastating implications for many savers and investors.  A problem that will also apply to many other nations.

Mr. Amerman spent much of the 1980s as an investment banker helping Savings & Loans and others try to survive the effects of the last major bout of inflation in the United States.  There is a basic economics principle that much of the public is unaware of – inflation doesn’t directly destroy the real wealth of goods and services, but rather, redistributes the rights to that real wealth (a principle which unfortunately will likely destroy much of the investment wealth the Boomers plan on enjoying in retirement).  The author worked with the effects of billions of dollars of such wealth redistributions, and saw how there was not only a loser for each dollar of wealth redistributed – but a winner.

In this course Mr. Amerman uses illustrations and examples, contained within a step-by-step sequence of readings, to show people how they can choose to position themselves so that inflation redistributes wealth to them, rather than taking wealth from them.  Once the base is established, he then shows in detail how individuals can multiply the underlying economic protection benefits through learning how to realize tax-free (economic) gains, rather than the usual inflation trap of paying real taxes on illusory income.

The mini-course is intended as an educational resource for the public, is entirely free, carries no obligations, and may be discontinued by the reader at any time.

The course is not a teaser.  If you choose to remain in the course, then over time you will gradually receive over 100 pages of unique and valuable information.  Besides offering public education to many people, the course is also intended to find the people who can most benefit from applying the principles within the course.  For those interested, there will be opportunities appended to later readings that will offer ways to increase the value of the readings.  The course is the fully copyrighted property of Daniel R. Amerman.

Sample Reading


To read "Inflation Pickpocket", click here (Adobe pdf file)


“Your stuff is really very insightful and very helpful.  I have enjoyed and am very grateful for your wonderful series.”

Marshall Z

“Thank you very much for your highly interesting course!  I have been studying economics on a hobby basis for the last seven years, and I will actually put you and your economic message - I am sorry to say not on the first place of modern economists, where I have professor Fekete - --- but you are a good number two!  And you are younger than Fekete, you can still surpass him.”

Lars L

 Turning Inflation Into Wealth
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