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As a mortgage derivatives expert and author of two books on the subject for professionals, Mr. Amerman wrote a series of articles that warned Turning Inflation Into Wealth mini-course subscribers well in advance not just of upcoming disaster, but predicted with unparalled accuracy the step by step sequence of events that would unfold, and would lead to the most rapid creation of money by the Federal Reserve and US Government in history.

By May of 2008, four months before the full crisis hit Wall Street, Mr. Amerman was leading three day, solutions oriented workshops for subscribers, to help them prepare for what would be (and now is) happening.

The course is not a teaser.  If you choose to remain in the mini-course, then over a period of several months, you will gradually receive the full contents of the 280 page "Mini-Course" book in the middle left below, in 10-20 page increments, plus a number of bonus readings, all completely free of charge.   Besides offering public education to many people, the free mini-course is also intended to find the people who can most benefit from applying the principles within the course.  For those interested, there will be opportunities to obtain the The Turning Inflation Into Wealth Complete Video Course, Financial Crisis Edition (the full 8 DVD and 6 book set shown below), as well as the GOLD Out Of The Box 2 DVD set.  The mini-course and the complete video course are each the fully copyrighted property of Daniel R. Amerman, CFA.

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